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JR Pass 21-days / 1-day trips from Tokyo and Kyoto / place for relax

My question is if it would be worthy for me to buy 21-days JR Pass. We are travelling 3 persons. I plane to stay in Japan 20 days. JR Pass would be used for passage from Narita Airport to Tokyo first. When in Tokyo (4-5 days): 1 day trip to Kamakura and 1 day Trip to Nikko. Next the trip Tokyo-Kyoto. In Kyoto about 7 days. 1-day trip to Nara, 1-day trip to Horyu-ji. Next the trip from Kyoto to Hakone. 3-4 days in Hakone. Next from Hakone to Tokyo for another 3-4 days. The last would be the train from Tokyo to Narita airport. It looks that 21-day pass is the only option for us but is it worthy? One more question, any other interesting 1-day trips from Tokyo and Kyoto? Is there more interesting place than Hakone for the 3-4 days of simply relaxing? One more. I'm considering the green JR pass for more comfortable transfers especially for my 12-years old daughter. We will be in Japan July / August so it will be definitely very hot. Thanks.


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