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Best JR Pass for my itinerary

Hi there, we have a very tight itinerary and I'm wondering which Japan Rail Pass will be the most suitable:
08/04 Arriving in Tokyo. The same day train/bus to Fujikyu Highiland station
09/04 from Fujikyu Highiland train/bus to Hakone. Later, on the same day (09/04) train to Kyoto.
Spend 3 nights in Kyoto (Will visit Nara one of the days).
12/04 Travel from Kyoto to Osaka
13/04 Osaka to Hiroshima
14/04 Hiroshima to Beppu
15/04 Beppu to Nagasaki
17/04 Fly from Nagasaki to Okinawa
19/04 Evening flight from Okinawa to Tokyo
22/04 Fly out from Tokyo back home.
We will stay 14 days in Japan, but I'm just wondering if a 7 day Rail Pass would be enough and or if there is a better alternative for my trip. Thank you in advance for your help!


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