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same day reservation for Shinkansen?

I know in Europe it is practically impossible to get a seat-reservation within the next week, but how is it in Japan? Can I go to the counter and buy ticket + reservation for the same (or next) day? I have seen the online reservation site. It is bad. Plus it will not do reservation for next 5(?) days.


  • Hi,
    It is possible to make a seat reservation for a train leaving in the next 10 minutes. The only possible issues are if you are at a major station with a line, or traveling during one of Japan's peak seasons.
    I don't know what site you saw, but it is only possible to do online seat reservations on JR East trains, and those are a month in advance.
  • Indeed, the (impossible...) site for JR-east. I did not even realize it was a month ahead. Thanks!
    10 Minutes... hm. so, if the train in 15 minutes is fully booked, I can ask about the train in 45 minutes! Cool!
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