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Urayasu to Kyoto

Hi, My daughter currently has a job in Japan. When I fly over I have suggested on her 2 days off to meet me in Kyoto. What is the best and cheapest pass for her to get from Urayasu to Kyoto (return) and surrounding areas of Kyoto.


  • Hi,
    If she is living in Japan, there is no good tourist pass she can use.
    She has 3 choices, actually 2 sensible ones.

    She can take a highway bus - very cheap, but takes an overnight or all day. Probably won't arrive feeling very happy. And if she has just 2 days off, it is not a realistic option.

    Her next choice is the Platt Kodama Ticket. It is a little cheaper than the regular bullet train fare, but she has to take the Kodama bullet train which stops at every single bullet train station. It will take her about an extra hour to get to Kyoto. This method is probably the most convenient.

    Her last choice is to fly - there are some dirt cheap low cost carriers like Jet Star and Peach she can use. Some flights are even cheaper than the bus. Since she is in Urayasu, it is easier for her to get to Narita, but on the downside she has to go from KIX to Kyoto.

    For the Kansai area, nothing comes to mind for non-tourist passes, but fares are not high anyways.
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