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Regional pass/individual ticket/JR Pass

Hi everyone !

I would like to hear yours advices. Here is a thing :
I'll be at Japan around 24 days. 11.04-07.05
Here is short plan :
Tokyo - 4 days
Kyoto - 5-6days
Nara - 1 day
Osaka - 2-3 day
Kobe - 1 day
Himeji - 1 day
Hiroshima - 1 day
Miyajima - 1 day
Hakone - 1-2 days
Kamakura on way back to Tokyo
after night at Tokyo
Nikko - 1 day
it's around 21 days.

Maybe it's better to stay at some place longer ? Or visit Yoshino, Kumano ?

So based on a plan above, I have no idea how to decide what kind of transport gonna be the best.

Best regards,


  • Hi,
    I think you should consider getting a 14 day pass. Complete your trip down to Kansai and Hiroshima, and on your last day returning to Tokyo, then go to Nikko.
    For Hakone, you can use a Hakone Free Pass. You can get one that departs from Shinjuku, and another from Odawara.

    For Kamakura, you could use a Enoshima Kamakura Free Pass.
  • Okay, so :
    14 days jr pass starting after my 3-4 days at Tokyo. And Than im gonna spend at Kansai + Hiroshima 14 days. So jr pass for routes Tokyo-Kyoto-Nara-Osaka-Kobe-Himeji-Hiroshima-Hakone
    And than after 1-2 days from Hakone to Tokyo and Nikko I can use some local passes.
    Is it true, that from March 2017 it’s possible to get JR pass at Japan ?
    Correct? :)
  • Hi,
    Well, it's up to you, but you might go back to Tokyo from Hiroshima, and if you can fit it in, go to Nikko on the last day of your pass. If you don't want to do that, there is also the Tobu Nikko Free Pass.

    It is true that now you can get the pass in Japan, at a select number of airports and major rail stations. But it is about 15% more expensive in Japan. I can't see any reason to get it once in Japan - if you don't know if you'll use one until you are in Japan, you are seriously not doing your proper trip preparation.
  • It's not about I'm gonna use or not, at my country I need around 3 days to get this pass from abroad so I have to chose, try here 4 working days before flight, or get it at Japan.
    Please, don't judge my preparation. First time there for around month it's not that easy ;)
    Anyway, thank You for help, now it's gonna be easier and better!
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