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7 day or 4 day flex pass

I will be in Hokkaido from June 1st till June 16th. Chitose to Furano June 2nd to June 6th (will have rent a car only during this time) then down to Sapporo from 6th to the 14th then to Chitose airport hotel 14th to 16th. We want to take a day trip to Otaru from Sapporo. Which would be the best pass or passes to purchase?


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    If I'm understanding you correctly, you are driving to Furano, and then taking a train to Sapporo. Then a day trip to Otaru?
    If so, no rail pass comes close to paying off. The cheapest train ticket from Furano to Sapporo is ¥3620 - and a trip to Otaru is just ¥640 - leaving you a very long ways from breaking even on a rail pass.
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    Thank you for commenting, no we will take a train from choose airport to firano. Six days later take train from firano to sapporo. Two days later day trip to otaru. Should we buy it rail pass or not?
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    Even adding the train to Furano, you're still a long ways from making the pass pay off. Just get regular tickets.
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