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Japan Rail Pass & Shinkansen Train Booking.

Hi All,

Would like to clarify if I could do the following:

Day 1 -
Arrive at Shinjuku, exchange JR Pass but to start on Day 2.
Go to Shinkansen office to book shinkansen for Day 2 with JR Pass?

Thank you!


Bryan Lee


  • Hi tenjin ,

    I meant I activate the pass on day 2.

    But on day 1, I can go ahead to book Shinkansen for day2 ?

  • Hi,
    If you are taking a JR East train, you could reserve a seat online, although generally for the rest you must have either a ticket or activated pass to reserve a seat.
    You can exchange your order for the pass and designate a future date to start on it - so for example to start using your pass from the earliest train possible (sometimes departing before the office even opens) or to leave from another station where you can't exchange your order for the pass, you can set the first day as tomorrow, or 3 days from today, or whenever up to a month in advance.
  • Hi Tenjin,

    Appreciate your explanation !

    This will facilitate my trip easier then !

    Thanks so much !!!
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