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JR Hokkaido Pass or national JR Pass for Hokkaido?

Am going to Hokkaido for 17 days. Initially, am thinking of getting two 7 days JR Hokkaido Pass but I found the 14 days JR Pass is actually slightly cheaper. Hence, am considering whether to get one. Does the national JR Pass covers all train and bus routes that are covered by JR Hokkaido Pass?


  • Hi,
    Train lines are all covered the same, but the JR Hokkaido Pass covers some bus lines that the JR Pass may not. You can see more info on:

    It is still very debatable if either pass would help you - you did not give any info on your destinations, and it takes a LOT of travel to make the rail pass pay off.
    I suggest you look up the fares on a site like www.hyperdia.com and make sure that a rail pass is worth it for you. It is not simply the number of days in your trip, but how far you travel. And if you are moving at a slow pace, you would likely be losing money on a pass.
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