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14 Day Itinerary (Tokyo/Hakone/Kyoto/Nara/Osaka/Kobe) - 7/14 JR day Pass or other options


Have planned a trip to Japan in October this year for around 14 days. I have a rough guide of where i would like to be and where i will want to travel to but just a bit unsure on what type of JR pass i should get or if it is worth getting the 7/14 one.

Here is my plan:

Day 1 - Fly into Haneda Airport (arrive around 8am) and look to stay in and around Tokyo for 5 days. Is 5 days enough or overkill as some people say 3-4 nights in and around Tokyo is enough. But this is my 1st time going to Japan.

Day 6 - Tokyo -> Hakone - Plan to stay 1 night in Hakone. Would you recommended to stay for 1 night or is a day trip enough? Have been reading a few different reviews.

Day 7 - Hakone -> Kyoto - Plan to stay in Kyoto for 3 nights. During the time in Kyoto will go to Nara for 1 or half day and back to Kyoto.

Day 10 - Kyoto -> Osaka - Stay in Osaka for 3 nights. Within those 3 days plan to do a day trip to Kobe.

Day 13 - Osaka -> Tokyo - will stay for 1 night.

Day 14 - Will be leaving on this day from Narita airport.

Some thoughts:

- Is it worth getting a 7 or 14 day JR pass? Used a calculator to total up the costs compared to a JR pass and it has revealed that a 7 day pass would be good enough. It said if i got a 14 day pass i would be wasting money. Any suggestions would be grateful.

- If i got a 7 day pass then i was thinking to activate it when i travel from Hakone -> Kyoto as that is where i will be travelling more. Would it be better be to use a 2-3 day subway card to get in and around Tokyo?

- Also heard about the Hakone free pass where you can travel around Hakone for 2 days unlimited using this pass.

Would be good to get some suggestions or advice on the above and if there are other areas to go see or if the above itinerary should be switched in any way i'm open to idea's and thoughts.



  • There is no way you can make a 14 day pass pay off without adding a lot more travel. A few long distance side trips from Tokto would do it. Or a day trip to Hiroshima from Kansai.
    If you are going around Tokyo, a 2-3 subway day pass can save some good money.
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