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7 Day JR Hokkaido Pass or other options?

Total 8 of us will be arriving in Hokkaido on 4-10 Dec 2018. Our itinerary as below:

Day 1 : New Chitose Airport - Sapporo
Day 2 : Sapporo-Otaru-Sapporo
Day 3 : Sapporo – Hakodate
Day 4 : Hakodate
Day 5 : Hakodate – Sapporo
Day 7 : Sapporo
Day 8 : Sapporo - New Chitose Airport

Is it economical for all 8 of us to purchase the 7 Days JR Hokkaido Pass? Thank you very much


  • Hi,
    You would still be short of making the pass pay off.
  • I'll be visiting Hokkaido for a total of 10 days including arrival and departure dates.
    From airport to Sapporo, stay for 3 nights; travel to Hakodate and stay for 3 nights. Will make short trip to neighbouring towns and cities during that time.
    Travel back to Sapporo, and will make short day trips & return while spending the last 3 days in Sapporo.
    Would have no problem purchasing 7 days pass, but will have to wait pass the first 3 days.
    Any other suggestions?
    I prefer not to have to pay for a 3 days and a 7 days pass to double the cost.

    Thank you for your advice.
  • Hey, Aloha.

    You are encouraged to create a new thread on the forum if you have a different question.

    It seems like the only thing you'll be doing for your first 3 days is to be around Sapporo after coming from the airport. The cost of a 3-day pass is 16,500 yen. I don't suppose you'll be spending that much on trains during your first 3 days?

    For the other 7 days, keep in mind there's also a flexible 4-day version of the Hokkaido pass. It's hard to assess what option is better without any idea of what particular side trips you'll be doing. Keep in mind you don't need to be on a pass for every single day on your trip. It could be more cost effective to travel with the normal fare.
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