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travelling to Kyoto and Tokyo


I will be reaching Japan Narita airport on 3rd Sep 2018 in the after noon, I'm planning to visit to Kyoto from there and planning to spend some 2-3 days there and will return to Tokyo and spend some 2 days there, I am browsing about the JR pass, can somebody please suggest where can I buy the JR exchange voucher and how well it can be utilized for the travel with in Japan and some model itinerary(suggestions about the highlights in Kyoto and Tokyo) if you could.


  • Hi,
    You can buy it straight through this site if you wish. If you buy it once in Japan, it is about 15% more expensive.
    You can exchange the voucher at many major stations. See:

    As for an itinerary, it all depends on your interests. Try browsing
    www.japan-guide.com or www.jnto.go.jp
    But aside from Kyoto, you really should spend at least half a day in Nara as well - missing it would be a tragedy.
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