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Which Tokyo Airport?

Whick Tokyo airport should I fly to, new years eve, for direct access to catch a bullet train to Kyoto?
Thanks in advance


  • Hi,
    There is no direct access from either airport in Tokyo. You'd need to go to either Tokyo Stn. or Shinagawa Stn. to get the bullet train.

    That said, you didn't list your arrival time. It may take you 45 minutes to an hour to get your bags and go through Immigration and Customs. And then about an hour from Narita Airport to Tokyo Stn or Shinagawa, or from Haneda to Shinagawa about 15 minutes by a Keikyu train.

    The trains might be quite packed with people leaving the city and you could be forced to stand for 3 hours. Not to mention that the bullet trains stop before midnight. I can't see December's schedule yet, but for the end of November the last train to Kyoto is a Nozomi train that leaves at 9:17 PM and arrives at 11:21 PM. (Schedules could change, so no promises). If you are planning on using a JR rail pass, you cannot use the Nozomi trains with the pass. The last departure of a bullet you can use the pass on is listed as 8:10 PM.

    Given the very busy time you are traveling, as well as it looks like you haven't bought your air ticket yet, it would make far more sense to fly into KIX in Osaka.
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