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JR Rail pass from Osaka to Tokyo to Osaka

Hello, we are looking for a trip in Japan for 2 weeks in December.
We are a family of 5.We will arrive in Osaka, probably go to Kyoto, then back to Osaka .So we Will take the train from Osaka to Kyoto, Kyoto to Tokyo and Tokyo to Osaka.Is it interesting to take the rail pass or not ? For 1? 2 weeks?
I have a son 19 years old with disability ( he has a disseabilty card) is there a fare for disability people?
Thanks you so much for yourte help
Best regards


  • edited November 2014
    Hi Sandrine, Thank you for your message.
    If you can do the itinerary from Kyoto to Tokyo in 7 days, you just need Japan Rail Pass 7 days.
    You will acrivate your pass when you leave Kyoto to go to Tokyo.
    Because Osaka is really close to Kyoto (about 30-40 min by train), and there is a lot of private train between Kyoto and Osaka. It costs just about 500 yen. You can choose the train depending on your hotel address among different private company.
    Here you are very useful website to research your itinerary. http://www.hyperdia.com/
    Please check tutorial video too,

    Unfortunately, Japan Rail Pass 14 days is not really worthwhile for your travel. But you can use this pass between Kyoto to Osaka and you don't need to buy ticket everytime.

    I afraid that there is no discount ticket of Japan Rail Pass. Japan Rail Pass is already discount ticket for foreign people compared with normal ticket.

    Thank you again, have a great trip!

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