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Pocket WiFi and JR pass

Hi, I will be spending 2 nights in Osaka and taking a train to Kyoto for 5 nights in Kyoto, I will be spending a night in Arashiyama and back to Kyoto the next day, my final stop will be in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Should I buy a JR pass for this routing - is it worth the money? Also is it advisable to rent a pocket WiFi and can I make overseas call with this pocket WiFi...thank you


  • I forgot to mentioned that while in KYoto, I plan to make a day trip to Uji and Nara. Thank you
  • Dear Christine Sharr

    If you are travelling in from Kansai Airport. Then it would be cheaper to purchase a one way ticket from Kyoto to Tokyo when you are in Japan. For your travel in the Kansai region it would be cheaper to get a Kansai regional pass. You can find more information on this pass here: https://www.japan-rail-pass.com/pass-regional/kansai/jr-kansai-area-pass/order.

    You can find train fares on this website www.hyperdia.com, to compare the fares of travelling in the kansai region with the pass.

    - In search conditions, fill in the departure and arrival locations, these will auto-fill so you have to wait until you can click on the correct station. Input your requested departure or arrival dates and time.
    - In “Search Details”, unclick “NOZOMI / MIZUHO /HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN)” and “Private Railway”.

    Hope that helps.

    Best regards

    Japan Experience.
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