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Is a two week first class pass a good idea for us? is it better to buy separate first class tickets?

We arrive 3/26 at Narita airport train to Tokyo
3/30 train Tokyo to Mishima
3/31 train Mishima to Osaka
4/2 train Osaka to Kobe
4/3 train Kobe to Himeji, then to Okayama
4/6 train from Takamatsu to Kyoto
4/9 train from Kyoto to TOkyo
4/10 train to Narita airport

Thank you


  • Hi CATAG2

    It would be cheaper to purchase the Green JR Pass for 14 days for your trip. You can use this website, www.hyperdia.com, to find fares for the trains and schedules and the prices of green seats.

    Hope that helps.

    Best regards

    Japan Experience
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