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Narita Airport to Takayama (or Kanazawa) / Wide View Hida reservation

I will be leaving Kanazawa for Takayama 31st March.

My daughter living in overseas has decided to join me for 4 days. She arrives at Narita Airport early morning around 6am, 31st March and will head to Takayama. We will both have JRPasses hers will only be activated that morning.

It seems she will need to travel via Nagoya to Takayama.
If this is the case I thought I might travel from Kanazawa to Nagoya, meet her there, and both of us travel on the Limited Expresss Wide View Hida.
I could reserve a seat for myself but as she is arriving in Japan that day could a seat be reserved for her or not?
I don't really need to go to Nagoya that day. I could do that trip alone on an earlier date. it is a trip that I had counted on doing.

I originally thought it may have been easier for her to travel form Tokyo to Kanazawa or Toyama, then we travel together to Takayama

What is the the quickest /easiest way to get from Narita Airport to Takayama (or Kanazawa) that day
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