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Best combination of passes?

I will be going to Japan for 2 weeks and wondering about the most economical use of the JR pass(es). I anticipate the following travel

Day 2: To/From Narita to downtown Tokyo (staying in Narita, fly to Takamatsu on day 3).

Day 3: possible day trip from Takamatsu to Kotohira

Day 4: Takamatsu to Iwo-Saijo round trip

Day 5: Train from Takamatsu to Oboke

Day 7 Train from Oboke to Kyoto

Day 12 Train Kyoto to Tokyo

Day 14: Train Tokyo to Narita.

I am wondering if the best option is to

1)buy a 5-day Shikoku pass, and just buy normal tickets for Oboke-Kyoto and Kyoto-Tokyo (as well as travel to/from Narita)

2) buy Shikoku 5 day pass + 7 day rail pass (to cover Oboke-Kyoto and Kyoto-Tokyo and last trip to Narita)

3) Buy a 14 day pass to cover all travel for the whole 2 weeks.

Is it right that the first option is the most economical since the Shikoku pass is such a good price, and I believe Oboke-Kyoto and Kyoto-Tokyo and Tokyo-Narita together still don't add up to the price of 7 day pass?

Thank you very much for your help.
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