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I am looking at taking this from Tokyo to Sapporo. I will arrive in Japan 30 May and have my JR passes on order. Does anyone know if the overnighter is still running as I can't find it using Hyperdia. And if it is, if I leave it until my arrival on the 30th or the 31st will I be able to book it for travel 23 May? How quickly does it get booked up? Thank you in advance.


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    Hi Frabulous,

    Unfortunately as of last month the Cassiopeia is no longer running.

    The new Hokkaido shinkansen is now operational and valid for use with your JR Pass, though!

    Kind Regards,

    Japan Experience
  • As said above. There is simply no need for all nighter trains now. But to add more info, you can only take the bullet train up to Hakodate - for the rest of the way, you are on a conventional train. The total time will be 4½-5 hours.
    Why not take a low cost carrier like Jet Star which can get you there in about 2 hours and only cost about ¥5000 one way?
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