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Luggage storage at Train Stations


Is there a storage where we can lock up our luggage for a few hours on train stations?

For example: Fukuyama, Okayama, Kobe, Nara. We will be stopping for a few hours and move on to another city, but don't want to carry our luggage with us.

Thanks, a lot!!!


  • Elsa, we passed 19 City / stations in November and they all had Luggage Storage. The problem is that in some of them, especially in the weekends were busy. We were forced to seek other and find them.
  • Thank you, very much, for this response!
  • For these kind of situation to store luggage, I think I can give you a suggestion to use LuggageBaggageNinja for keeping your luggage on the way in Tokyo. Some of my friends used this service and gave me positive review. I have checked online for details, it seems quite good and convenient for online booking service. They have lockers near Tokyo station. You can have a look. Search by LuggageBaggageNinja.
  • All large train stations, for example those along the shinkansen lines, usually have storage lockers available for use. They can be used for a day (not overnight). They do fill up quickly though, especially the largest ones, so if you really need one, the earlier you can find one and stake your claim the better!

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    Does the Hiroshima station have luggage lockers?? I looked up the station info on this site but it doesn't say.
  • As it already says above, yes. But if you arrive from mid-morning, the lockers next to the bullet train station exit might be completely filled up. There are far more day tripping tourists then tourists spending overnight. There are additional lockers at the main station entrance. If those are full too, then you can find one of the luggage forwarding companies like Yamato, Sagawa etc. They can hold your bags for the day as well as forward it somewhere. Costs are slightly higher than the lockers but you don't have to worry about size problems. If you go this route, be sure to reclaim your bags before they close - often 6-7 PM.
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