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Confusion on JR pass use

To determine if the pass will serve me right I search for trains and summerise the tripcosts and compare to the cost of the pass
I use Japan official trave app
for example:
i look at trains from Nagoya to Hiroshima (with priority to jr pass trains routes
The app gives me a schedule as follows:
NAGOYA TO HIROSHIMA 11:09 Ngoya: shinkansen hikari 465, 12:22 Shin kobe: shinkansen sakura 555 13:34 Hiroshima
on the first leg (Hikari) they just write the travel time
on the second leg (Sakura) they write the travel time and the cost of travel and cost of seat class. Total is around 13000 yen
My question is: Does the JR PASS cover Sakura line or not?
thank you


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