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9 days trip itinerary plan

This is our 2nd trip to Japan. We have 9 days in Japan starting 14-July-19, 3 days in Sapporo, 3 days in Osaka (Kyoto/Kobe); 1 day in Hakone; 2 days in Tokyo.
A. We are looking for suggestion to which character train to take such as Furano to Bie; Osaka, Kobe, Hakone to Tokyo. We are looking for unique experience with private train line such as the new one from Kyoto/Osaka.
B. We are looking for a natural Onsen with huge surrounding follies that we saw in the travelling channel but can't remember the name
C. Shall we use air travel to cut down the transit time from Sapporo to Osaka?
We spent 3/3 days in Kyoto and Tokyo on previous trip.


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