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SIM Card


I want to know about simcard sell on this website, is this simcard true unlimited or still have any limit quota? If have any limit quota i want to know how much and the detail.


  • Hi Willows,

    The data for our SIMs is stated as unlimited, but the provider (NTT Docomo) does have a "fair use policy", so using a large amount of data within a short period of time will trigger the SIM card slowing down. However we have not been provided an exact quota.

    Our SIM cards are meant for day-to-day checking of emails, using google maps, social media, and so on. If you plan to download large files or stream long videos we recommend instead renting a pocket wifi device.


    Japan Experience
  • Hi, Japan Experience.

    For pocket wifi is there any quota limit too? if have can i know the detail for pocket wifi quota limit ?

  • I was looking at your list of supported devices for SIM cards. I did not see Google Pixel phones on the list. Can I get a SIM card for a Google Pixel phone?
  • edited April 2019
    Hi Willows: No, there's no limit for the pocket wifi! And if it does seem to slow down, please let us know and we can arrange a replacement wifi to be sent to you during your trip.

    Hi TNTraveller: If your particular device is not on our list, then while it might still work with our SIM card, we unfortunately can't guarantee it because it hasn't been tested. 

    If you decide to purchase one of our SIMs even though your phone is not listed as definitely compatible, it would be at your own risk and we couldn't really offer assistance or a refund in the case that it didn't work.


    Japan Experience
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