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Travel to Hakodate and Tohoku area using JR pass

I will be flying to Tokyo ( narita) reaching 18 Oct and want to continue my
journey to Hakodate by taking the Shin Hakodate shinkansen( Hayabusa )
I will buy my 6 days JR pass flexible in Singapore.
Q 1 : Can I travel on same day once I reached Tokyo without reservation?
Must I make a reservation in Singapore before I travel?

Q2. :I have intend to stay 2 days in Hakodate , then travel to Aomori and explore Noheji,Hachinohe and Lake Towada . Can I just travel by JR pass
and without making any reservation ?
and back to Tokyo after 4 days in Aomori .KIndly advise

Thank you so much.



  • Hi,
    Hayabusa trains require seat reservations. They are free with the pass. You can easily have it done when you activate your pass. Most trains do not need seat reservations. If you want to see which ones do, go to www.hyperdia.com
    You easily find train schedules, fares, and transfer info. When you look up a leg, look under the Seat Fee drop-down menu. If you see "Unreserved seat" in the menu, you don't need seat reservations. At that time of year, it is not hard to get a seat anyway.

    As for Lake Towada, there is no rail access there. You need to get a bus there, such as from Hachinohe. With a JR East Tohoku Area Pass the bus fare would be free, but not if you have a JR East South Hokkaido Pass.
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