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Help with 7-Night, 8-Day Itinerary for first time in Japan!


I've been put in charge of planning my family's itinerary to Japan and I have no clue what I'm doing. Any help/advice would be appreciated. But mostly, I'm looking to see if the 7-day JR Pass is worth it four 8 day trip. And if so, what is the best strategy to use it. Here is the itinerary I have so far:

Arrive at Narita Airport
Take Nartia Skyaccess train from to Takanawadai Station to get to our hotel

Explore Tokyo
(Go to Shibuya via Yamanote Line)

Day trip to Kyoto and back to Tokyo at night
(Take Shinkansen to Kyoto)

Explore Tokyo
(Go to Imperial Palace via Keihintohoku Line; take Yurikamome Line and Tokaido Line back in evening)

Day trip to Nara and back to Tokyo at night
(Take Shinkansen to Kyoto and JR Nara Line to Nara)

Day trip to Kawaguchoko Lake
(Guided tour)

Explore Tokyo
(Go to Asakusa via Keikyu Line)

Back to Narita Airport for flight home

Please let me know your thoughts on the itinerary and when to activate the 7-day JR Pass to make the most of it.

Thank you so much!!
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