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Would like to know suggestion about my itinerary and if JR rail pass is necessary for my trip in Dec

Hi all,

I am traveling with 2 children (Aged 2 and 3).

Below is my plan :

Flight into Haneda Airport from Singapore

Day 1: Travel to Mt. Naeba Ski Resort (Naeba Prince Hotel)
(Shinkansen from Tokyo to Echigo-Yuzawa)

Day 2 : Stay in Naebe Prince Hotel

Day 3 : Back to Tokyo and stay in a Airbnb near shinjuku. Free and Easy

Day 4: Tokyo Day Trip to Zao Fox Village
(Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shiroishizao station)

Day 5: Yokohama, Kanazawa Zoo, Cup noodle museum

Day 6: Travel to Nagano - Snow monkey
(Tokyo station take the Shinkansen ASAMA or Kagayaki service to
Nagano city. )

Day 7: Tokyo Disneyland

Day 8: Asakusa , Ueno , Ueno Zoo, Shibuya

Day 9: Tsukiji Fish Market, Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower

Day 10: Back to Singapore

Please let me know if the schedule is too tight and if I should purchase JR Pass for my above itinerary? I have yet to find out how to travel to some of the places like Disneyland, Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo tower...

Actually, I hope to be able to visit Nara to see the deer but is unsure how to go from Tokyo. I am also not sure if a 2D1N is sufficient. I don't mind staying over at Kyoto for a night and take out either day 5, day 8 or day 9 plan.


  • Take a one week rail pass for the first week and i advice you to use a 3 days special tokyo subway ticket

  • The children are under 6 and don't need any pass or ticket. If you go to Echigo-Yuzawa, then the Tokyo Wide Pass is what you should buy.
    A day trip to the Zao Fox Village from Tokyo is simply impossible. There are only a few buses a day, and even if you got the earliest train from Tokyo you'd miss it. You'd have to stay overnight the night before.
    If you really want to go to Nara - then the japanican ticket is much quicker and cheaper.
    I was just there today in fact - it is swarming with Chinese tourists.

    For the Tsukiji Fish Market, it is closed - you want to go to the new place at Toyosu.
    For the rest of the places, you can just use an IC card like Suica or Pasmo - very convenient.
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