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Would getting the JR 21 day for my Itinerary be worth it?

Hi all,

I needed help in verifying whether it is worth it to get a 21 day JR pass for my itinerary which is around 23 or 24 days. I am planning to start using it on the 24th. Below is the listed itinerary:

23rd: Arrive in NRT airport
24th – 27th Dec: Tokyo region
28th – 30th Dec: Nozawa Onsen
31st – 1st Jan: Hakuba Happo One
2nd Jan: Hakuba Goryu
3rd Jan: Hakuba Iwatake
4th Jan: Hakuba 47
5th – 9 th Jan: Madarao Kogen
10th of Jan: Shinkansen to Niseko Hokkaido
11th – 13th Jan: Niseko
14th Jan: Niseko – Narita by domestic flight (one-way)

Additionally some recommendations on saving money on other transports apart from just taking the trains would be appreciated.


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    I had heard others recommend the JR east -south hokkaido pass however the pass does not cover any travel to Nagano station so was not sure if it would be completely worth it. Or would it be more value if I just take the bus from Tokyo to Nagano?
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    Any recommendations on whether I needed to change my itinerary to suit the pass is also helpful. Particularly I know I may need to spend the whole day on the 10th to get to Niseko from Liyama station in Madarao, flying direct could be another option but if flying direct then I think JR 21 days may not be of good value.
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    Given the length of your trip and not much travel, I can't see how you'd make a rail pass work (especially flying back from Hokkaido). I suggest you fly to Hokkaido both ways, and just buy regular tickets for the rest (or maybe get a JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass).

    Taking buses are a very cost-efficient way to go, though they are time consuming.
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