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Kyoto (Kansai) to Tokyo (Narita)- What is the best rail pass to buy?

Hi all. We (3) are traveling from oct 31 to nov 11. for day 1-6 we are in kyoto (with day trips to osaka and nara) and 7-12 in tokyo. What JR pass would you suggest? Or is it better to buy individual tickets/IC cards?



  • You need to give more info. Are you leaving Japan from Tokyo? If so, there is no rail pass that can work for you - only a few regional passes depending on where you may be going.
  • Yes. I will be arriving at Kansai airport and leaving thru tokyo. wouldnt the JR pass be good for the first half of our time in kansai?
  • No, you would lose a terrible amount of money. The rail pass is made for long distance travel, particularly by bullet train. For short distance trips between nearby cities, the value is very little. To break even on a 7 day pass, you'd need a little more than a round trip from Kansai to Tokyo and back, or something equivalent.
    As for Kansai, there are regional passes, but you need to travel a lot on those to make them worthwhile as well. If you went from Osaka to Himeji for example, as well as Nara and the trip from KIX, a Kansai Area Pass or Kansai Thru Pass might make sense.
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