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First Time in Japan Will have Free Time in Kyoto and Tokyo

My tour package includes guided tour at Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Hamanako,Mt Fuji, Yokohama, and Tokyo for 8 days. We have a free day on our own at Kyoto on 6/12/2019 and at Tokyo on 10/12/2019. Which pass should I buy for this 2 days to explore Kyoto and Tokyo on our own. We are very interested in street food. Thank you in advance for the help


  • Hi,
    So you are asking about a one day pass to see Tokyo and Kyoto?
    For Tokyo there is no really cost effective one day pass - you'd need to ride your behind off to make a one day subway pass work. Pretty much the same story for a JR Tokunai Pass.

    For Kyoto, some people like the one day Kyoto bus pass for 600 yen, but riding on a bus during the rush hour will take forever and it can be very crowded.
    I suggest you use an IC card like Icoca, Suica or Pasmo.
    If you enter Japan at Kansai and leave Japan from Tokyo, or vice versa, you would not be able to refund any balance on the card, however. It is still good for 10 years though.
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