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Help! I just can't figure out whether to get the JR Rail Pass

I am struggling to figure out my public transportation regarding the JR pass. The itinerary is:

1. Arrive Haneda on Tuesday, September 24 and travel to Asakusa for one night

2. Depart from Asakusa Station Tokyo on Wednesday, September 25 for Nikko for 2 nights

3. Depart Nikko on Friday, September 27 for Akasaka, Tokyo for one night

4. Travel to Fuji area with a friend by car on Saturday, September 28 for one night

5. Depart from Atami Station on Sunday, September 29 for Kyoto for 5 nights

6. Two roundtrip day trips from Kyoto to Nara and Hikone

7. Depart Kyoto for Shinjuku Tokyo on Friday, October 4

8. Travel to Haneda for departing flight on Wednesday, October 9

These dates are all booked (and a little "strange" because I had to cancel a trip to Hong Kong and rearrange the Japan trip), but they involve other people as well as hotel bookings so will not be changed around.

I think that we don't need to include the Haneda to Tokyo and Tokyo to Haneda trips in the JR pass. Do you think it makes sense to get a JR pass or to just book separate tickets? Many many thanks!


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