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I'm going to Japan October 18 until November 2nd, I will be traveling with my husband and looking at which pass would be best for our goal.

We arrive in New Chitose, staying the night at the hotel there. In the morning we want to go to Sapporo. Hotel there is booked but no plans on what to do there, I'd like to be able to bus and explore around.
Then 1 or 2 days after we want to start making our way down, we haven't booked hotels yet but are going to. My question is, since I plan on going to stay in Hokkaido a few days but the rest in between Sendai and Tokyo, which pass do you recommend? And for how long on each.

I would need to ride the shikansen from hokkaido to sendai and from sendai to tokyo at the very minimum. And smaller bus in each major cities as to not be stranded trying to get to the hotels.

What other suggestions you may find I'd like to hear those as well :)

Thank you!


  • I'm not sure entirely about your plans. If you want a rail pass that covers from Sapporo to Tokyo, then the South Hokkaido Rail Pass is clearly the one you want. But it is almost 7 hours of just sitting on trains between Sapporo and Sendai - you'd be murdering the day if you did that, and you'd be missing a whole lot of wonderful places along the way.
    I suggest you do more research and decide where you want to go first - and after that, choose the best means to get there.
  • My flight and hotel are already booked.
    It looks like buying a 6 day pass is my best option. Since I would like to go from city to city as we go south. Tokyo from what I understand seems to be affordable if only using trains in the city. I would be staying in Shibuya, the furthest out in Tokyo that I will go is DisneySea.
  • Does the JR East South Hokkaido Pass cover travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo and the Yamanote line or the Chuo line in Tokyo?

    Also is it cheaper if I buy from US instead of buying at Narita Airport on the day I arrive in October 18?
    I only need to travel one way from Tokyo to Hakkodate and I am not sure to buy the JR Pass or JR East Pass is the way to go since I do not have time to go to other area. I will fly in Narita on October 18th, stay in Tokyo for 3 days and will go to Hakkodate on October 21st.
  • First, please make a new thread for a new question.
    1. Yes.
    2. Yes, buying it ahead of time would be 1030 yen cheaper.

    But you would lose money on a pass only going one way to Hakodate. It is cheaper to just buy a regular fare ticket, or for less than half the cost, you can get a cheap flight there.
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