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Seat reservation

So it seems that you can reserve a seat on economy class. if I don't reserve how do I know that this seat is taken. I dont want to sit on a booked seat and miss my chance to find my own seat and end up standing


  • You need to clarify what you mean here. For JR East you can reserve seats online. If you are in one of the countries where the Smart-Ex app is available, you can make reservations in advance for travel between Tokyo and Kyoto under certain conditions.
    If you choose not to get a seat reservation, there are cars for non-reserved seating (though a few trains require seat reservations in advance). Are you guaranteed a seat on a non-reserved car? No.
    It is uncommon, but during peak periods there is always the chance that there is no seat open (until someone gets off at the next exit).
  • I heard that even if i get a green JR pass i still have to go to an office to reserve a seat and can't do it online. Can i still do it online. Regions are matsumoto to toyama kanazawa kyoto and fukuoka .
  • Hi, question to TENJIN - so if you have an access to Smart-Ex app, you can reserve seats using JR Pass for Tokaido line (looking to book Tokyo-Kyoto and back)? I never knew this! I only thought this is available for JR East. Am i understanding you correctly?
  • NM- looks like you cannot reserve seats with JR pass. this is the quote

    Can I use Japan Rail Pass with this Service?

    This Service cannot be combined with other tickets including the Japan Rail Pass. Also, the reserved seat you booked using this Service cannot be used as a reserved seat etc. of Japan Rail Pass after coming to Japan.
  • Samasama - the only way is at a JR office.
    JP Traveler, you answered your own question.
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