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Do I need JR Pass or Jr Tohoku Pass

hi, I need your suggestion, if my itinerary is like this :smile:

Tokyo >>> Hirosaki >>> Odate >>> Sendai >>> Nikko >>> Hakone >>>> Tokyo,
What pass do I need? Thanks


  • You don't give a lot of critical information, such as the length of your trip.
    If you use the JR East Tohoku Area Pass, it is much cheaper than the full JR Pass. And while it can't take you all the way to Hakone, it can take you to Atami, which is just 410 yen and a 20 minute train ride the rest of the way to Odawara Station. From there a Hakone Free Pass might save you some money. The Tohoku Area Pass is only good for 5 days within 14 however, so most likely you'd need to pay from Odawara back to Tokyo. It still comes out cheaper than the full JR Pass though.
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