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Choosing Regional and Subway/Buses Passes


We'll be visiting Japan this November for the first time.

The planned route is as follows:

20/11 - from Narita to Tokyo (Ueno district, staying in Tokyo for 3 days)
23/11 - from Tokyo to Koyasan (staying for the night at Kumagaiji monastery)
24/11 - from Koyasan to Nara (staying for the night near the JR station)
25/11 - from Nara to Kyoto (staying for the night near the JR station)
26/11 - from Kyoto to Odawara& Hakone
27/11 - from Hakone to Yokogama
29/11 - from Yokogama to Narita and flying back home.

We are planning to buy JR pass - just to save time.

Please advise me will it be usefull to buy some other passes?
M.b. for the busses or undeground in Tokyo and other cities?
We are ready to spend money for moving faster.

Will really appreciate your advices!


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