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Japan Rail Pass

Hi, we will make our 1st visit to Japan on this upcoming November, 22nd.
Now we're trying to look into the transportation options between region. these are our itinerary:

23-25 Nov Tokyo
25-26 Nov Fuji (rent a car from tokyo)
26-28 Nov Tokyo
28-30 Nov Takayama
30-3 Dec Kyoto
3 - 6 Dec Osaka (Flight back home is from Osaka)

Is it worth it if we get a 7 days JR Pass to use from 28/11-4/12?



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    No, it would not pay off.
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    Thanks for the reply. Can you suggest which pass is suit for us to purchase : We are planning from Tokyo to Takayama(&Shirakawago) and after that going to kansai area: Kyoto-Nara-Osaka.

    Which one is the best for us?
    1 Takayama Hokuriku Pass
    2 Osaka-Tokyo Arch Pass

    If both of options are not recommend can you recommend what is better for us?
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    The Hokuriku Arch Pass would not likely pay off with your one-way plan. The only one that makes sense is the Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass.
    You'd need to pay for the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya.
    There is no rail access to Shirakawago, and the buses are expensive. But they are fully covered by the pass. Shirakawago only takes a few hours to see.

    But then, you should most certainly make at least a few hours open to see Kanazawa - especially the crown jewel, the Kenrokuen Garden, which is the finest historical traditional garden in Japan.
    If you are already seeing Tokyo, then there is little need to see Osaka during the day. But Osaka really comes to life in the evening, and it is easy to go there after a day of sightseeing in Kyoto and Nara. Dotonobori at night is great, and the night views from the Umeda Sky Bldg, Abeno Harukas Bldg and Cosmo Tower are terrific.

    For the rest of your time in Kansai, as well as the Haruka train to KIX, you might consider getting the Icoca & Haruka discount ticket.
    You can use the IC card on virtually all trains in the region, not just JR, which is good because you will likely be using non-JR trains and subways there as well.
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    edited October 2019
    Thank you for your superb detail recommendations!I'll take note for all of that.
    Anyway, i just found out another one JR PASS that almost similar to Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass that covered for kansai and hokuriku area for 7days, JR Kansai Hokuriku Area Pass:

    Is this PASS pay off for our journey from tokyo-takayama to kansai area?It would be great if there is JR pass provides with 7 consecutive days which is can cover our journey from the day we are in Takayama until the day we are going to Osaka. Plus, for the last 2 days in Osaka can consider using icoca ticket as per your recommendation.

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    As you can see in the coverage map on the page you link to, Takayama is not covered under the pass, nor is the bus to Shirakawago and Kanazawa. It would only cover the ltd express train to from Kanazawa to Kansai, and the trips between Kansai cities don't add up to much.
    You can check rail fares, schedules and transfer info on Hyperdia.
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