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15 Days in Japan: 7 or 14 day pass and when to activate...

Hi team,
would love your help with the following itinerary:
Arrive Dec 31st @ Narita and travel immediately to Yudanaka via Nagano:

3 nights: Shibu Onsen
(travel Yudanaka >> Tokyo)
4 nights: Tokyo
(travel Tokyo >> Kyoto)
3 nights: Kyoto
(travel Kyoto >> Osaka)
3 nights: Osaka, including day trip to Hiroshima
(travel Osaka >> Tokyo)
1 Night: Tokyo

Current hypothesis is to activate a 7 day pass upon leaving Tokyo to Kyoto and pay separately for travel to Nagano and within Tokyo.

Or would a 14 day pass including our time in Tokyo be recommended. Note our travel to Yudanaka from Nagano is not on JR lines.

Thanks in advance :smile:


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    Are you willing and able to rearrange your schedule? The ideal way to save the most money would be to go from NRT to the onsen, then to Kansai and Hiroshima, and then return to Kansai within 7 days all on a 7-day pass. Then just get a regular fare ticket back to Tokyo and spend the remainder of your time there.
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