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Plane Arrives AFTER Office Hours

edited January 2020 in About the Rail Pass


I am traveling to Tokyo in two months. My plan lands in Japan at Haneda airport at 8:30pm, the office is open until 8pm to my knowledge...am I out of luck or is there a way to get it before leaving the airport? Thank you! After leaving the airport I am going straight to Tokyo so I’d like to avoid an unnecessary trip for a pass if need be.


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    Your post looks unclear, but if reading it correctly, you are talking about activating your exchange order into the pass, is that correct?
    If so, you are right, the Haneda office closes at 8 PM. You can see the full list of offices and their hours at:
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to activate your pass outside the hours listed. Hopefully, you will be staying near another office that can activate it for you the following day or a time that is convenient for you.
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    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am talking about turning my voucher into a rail pass. I have booked a hotel closest to the airport for the first night, I’ll get my pass from the Haneda airport the following morning and head to Tokyo then.

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