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14 day Japan Rail Pass?

edited January 2020 in About the Rail Pass
Hi, was just wondering if this itinerary was worth the 14 day JR Rail pass -

April 4-8 Tokyo (from Narita)
April 8 go to osaka
April 10 - go to kinosaki
April 11 - go to Kyoto (here for 5 nights, may go to Hiroshima one day)
April 16 - go to hakone
April 17 - go back to tokyo, fly out of narita on the 18th

I think the 14 day is probably worth it given our itinerary, but wanted to double check! Thank you so much!!


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    You would not make a 14-day pass pay off unless you also went to Hiroshima. There is a cheaper way, anyway. Just pay for regular fare tickets for the Tokyo-Kansai round trip, then for Kinosaki, Hiroshima, and getting around Kansai as much as you can, use the JR Kansai Hiroshima Area Pass.
    For Hakone, you can either go there from Odawara or Mishima on the way back from Kansai, or make it a day trip from Tokyo. For getting to/from NRT, the cheaper way is from Tokyo Stn or Ginza, on the Access Narita bus.
    Or you could take the Keisei train from Ueno, or pay for the Narita Express - it depends on where you are staying and how much you want to save money.
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