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Should i purchase a JR pass or not?

I am planning a 14/15 day trip to Japan at the end of May 2021 and into beginning of June 2021.

I plan to visit the following places with rough guide on length of stay:

Toyko (about 4 days)
Mount Fuji (day trip)
Kyoto (3 days)
Osaka (3 days)
Hiroshima/Miyajima (day trip or 1 night)
Nara (day trip)

I was looking at the 14 day pass, will that be cost effective, also let me know if the itinerary needs anything else for a 1st time visitor

Many thanks in advance for your help



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    It is still extremely questionable about being able to go to Japan yet. According to the WHO, there will not be any widely available vaccine until the middle of next year at the earliest.

    That said...
    If you are returning to Tokyo after seeing Kansai, then you could make a rail pass break even, but there is a better way.
    If you can go down to Kansai and Hiroshima and return within 7 days, you make a 7 day JR Pass pay off spectacularly. But if it is too hectic and you want to take more than 7 days, it would be cheaper for you to just get regular fare tickets for the Tokyo-Kansai round trip, and for the Kansai area as well as going down to Hiroshima, get the Kansai-Hiroshima pass. It not only comes out cheaper, but you can also ride the Nozomi bullet trains, which would get you there 30 minutes sooner.

    If you are already seeing Tokyo, then you can pretty much skip Osaka during the daytime, unless you have a list of places there you really want to see. Osaka is at its best at night, and you can easily go from Kyoto to Osaka and spend the evening there. Instead I highly recommend you take a day and see Himeji, with Japan's finest castle and beautiful Kokoen Garden nearby.

    Seeing Kobe for a day is another option. If you choose Hiroshima as a day trip, then you'll need an early morning start. Please don't make the mistake so many do by just seeing the Peace Park and leaving the city - Hiroshima is so much more than a city that was bombed. The Shukkeien Garden is exquisite as well as the Mitakidera Temple, which is the secret jewel of the city.

    If you decide to do an overnight at Hiroshima, you also might be able to squeeze in Iwakuni, which has the most beautiful old bridge in the country.

    If you're going at the end of May, it will be the start of the hydrangea season, as well as lilies and water lilies - there are some excellent places for all of them, especially the hydrangea, such as in Kamakura near Tokyo, as well as in Kyoto, the Yoshiminedera Temple and Mimurotoji temple in Uji City.

    Be sure to use hyperdia for rail schedules, routes, fares, etc. It can save you from endless headaches.

    Good luck.
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    Regarding the travel advisories for Japan, it's best to check the advice from Japan's tourist board and the advice from the country where you reside.

    JNTO website:
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