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Kyoto to Kawaguchi stn. and Kawaguchi Stn. to Narita airport

Hello, I have 2 questions.
1. We are traveling from Kyoto to Kawaguchi Stn in order to climb Mt. Fuji
What is the best route to take in order to arrive at Kawaguchi Stn. please?
2. We will be heading to Narita airport 2 days later. What is the best route to take from Kawaguchi Stn. to Narita airport please?
Thank you.


  • Hi Pnish,

    The easiest way to get to Kawaguchiko from Kyoto is:
    - Take the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Shin-Yokohama station
    - Take the JR Yokohama Line Local to Hachioji
    - Take the Ltd. Exp Kaiji from Hachioji to Otsuki
    - From Otsuki, take the Fujikyu Railway line to Kawaguchiko.

    *Note that the Fujikyu line is NOT a JR line and so not covered by the JR Pass.

    To get to Narita Airport from Kawaguchiko:
    - Take the Fujikyu Line from Kawaguchiko to Otsuki
    - Take the Ltd. Exp Kaiji (or Azusa) to JR Shinjuku station.
    - From Shinjuku, take the Narita Express directly to the airport.

    I hope this helps. For more information, please check out the Japanese train timetable website http://www.hyperdia.com/en/.

    Japan Experience
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