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change of Airport

Hello people, I need your help

I booked my flight from Zurich to Hiroshima via Tokyo and did not realize that changing airports meant such a hassle. I will be arriving at Narita on a Saturday morning at 7.50 am. My flight to Hiroshima is from Haneda at 11.35 which means I have 3.45 hours time to change airports. That seems like a long time but checking transfer buses and trains I realized it might well take about 2-3 hours. Could someone please help me calculate the real approx. time so I can start sleeping at night again. I am so worried that I might miss it.

First of all, if I arrive at 7.50 which means probably about 15 minutes until we can get out of the plane, how long will it take to pass passport control and getting your luggage? Would I be able to catch a train/bus at 8.44? or is it like in the US where it might take up to an hour to get through Passport control?
Also, should I take the Narita Airport Limousine Bus or the Narita Skyaccess Train ? Apparently Taxis are horrendously expensive.

Thank you for any advice you can give me.


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    The time it takes to get through Japanese Customs and Immigration depends on many factors, like work shifts and how many other flights are arriving around yours. You could get through everything in as fast as 45 minutes.
    To switch airports it actually only takes about 90 minutes by bus, but airlines add more time as a safety margin for traffic, etc. The time given on your ticket is enough and comfortable, but don't linger at Narita.
    The safest way to get to Haneda is by the orange limousine bus. It's a straight shot from airport to airport, with departing buses every 15 minutes or so. Get over to their ticket counter as soon as you collect your bags and exit Customs.
    Do not take a taxi from Narita. Never ever.

    You don't say where you're ending up, but be aware also that it is another 45 minute bus ride from the Hiroshima airport to Hiroshima City.
    If you want a nice place to decompress after your flights, visit the Sankeien Garden next to Hiroshima Airport before you get into town.
  • Thank you so much Tenjin, I read almost all your answers on all the discussions and got a lot from it. They are very useful.
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