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Is 7 day JR Pass worth it for 10 day trip: Tokyo-Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo?

Day 1: Land in Narita at 4PM and planning on going straight to Kyoto.
-Is this a smart thing to do? Also plan on activating JR Pass.
Day 5: Leave Kyoto for 2 days in Hakone. Plan on buying Hakone Pass.
Day 7: Leave Hakone for Tokyo. JR Pass expires today. Plan on buying Suica Card for rest of time in Tokyo.
Day 10: Leaving for Narita.

Hey Tenjin...looks like you're knowledgeable.
1. Is the 7 day JR Pass worth it for the first 7 days of my trip?
2. Can I make it from Narita to Kyoto before 10PM if I land at 4PM?


  • 1. Yes. You could be dead tired when you land though.
    2. Probably OK - it depends on any plane delays, how busy it is when you arrive, and it may take 30 minutes to wait and get your voucher activated into the Pass.

    For Hakone, from Kyoto you'll want to get off at Mishima Stn., then get the Hakone Free Pass. When you return, go to Odawara Stn and get the bullet train into Tokyo.
    The Suica card is convenient but saves you nothing. You might look at a 2 or 3 day subway pass.
    The cheapest way back to Narita is the 1000 yen bus.
  • Thanks, Tenjin. I looked up the 2-3 Tokyo subway pass. It looks like you can only get it at travel agencies and only if you buy it as a package with something else. Is this true?
  • Hi,
    Their page is seriously the most convoluted and confusing you could ever see. If you go down the page though, it does say you can get it at several Bic Camera stores, Tourist Information Desks, HIS branches, etc. You should have no trouble.
  • Tenjin,

    I have 8 full days for Japan. Right now I've got 2 days Hakone, 4 days Kyoto/Osaka(sumo)/Nara, and 2 days Tokyo. I'm thinking I don't have enough days in Tokyo. Do you think that Hakone is worth 2 days? Should I change that to 1 day and get 3 days in Tokyo?
  • It's up to you. You can certainly see Hakone in a full day with an early morning start - the Hakone Loop course is one good way.
    But some people love the hot springs and the overnight there. If you have never tried it, you should go to a hot spring at least once in Japan. The next morning, you could return to Tokyo if you want to put in 3 days there.
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