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7 days JR pass and 4 day JR regional Kansai area pass

This is my first trip to Japan early Oct is as follows:
5 days Tokyo, 4 days Kyoto, 3 days Osaka and 3 days Okinawa, I have the following questions:

1. What combination of JR passes should I buy?
2. What places do you recommend I visit and see?
3. What is the best way to get to KIX airport from Shinsaibashi area in Osaka?

Thank you.


  • A 7 day JR Pass would not pay off for such a one way itinerary. If you take some day trips from Tokyo (which are highly worthwhile) to places like Nikko, Izu, Kusatsu, Karuizawa, the Hitachi Seaside Park, etc, then a Tokyo Wide Pass can save you a lot.

    Since you are already seeing Tokyo, you can largely skip Osaka during the day. After the temples of Kyoto close down around 5PM, you can zip over to Osaka for the evening. At night the city comes alive and has some great places to see, such as Dotonbori, plus the night views from the Umeda Sky Bldg and Abeno Harukas Bldg are wonderful.
    Instead, take that time and see Nara, Himeji and Kobe.

    For getting to KIX, as well as around the cities, you might get a Icoca & Haruka discount ticket:
  • Thank you for your suggestions but how do I get to Kyoto from Tokyo without a JR pass? Also my husband is planning to see the F1 race at Suzuka circuit, what is the best way to get there from Tokyo?
  • Hi, thank you for your inquiry.

    The best way to get to Kyoto from Tokyo without the JR Pass would definately be the Platt Kodama discount: http://www.jrtours.co.jp/kodama/en/

    It would only cost you 10000 yen instead of 14000 yen.

    Same thing for Suzuka Circuit. You could use the Kodama Platt for a discount to go to Nagoya and then change for the JR Rapid Mie and get off at Suzuka station. Once you are at Suzuka station, you will have to take the Ise Tetsudo line and get off at Suzuka Circuit Ino Station.

    Best regards,

    Japan Experience
  • Hi,
    The Platt ticket is certainly cheaper but bear in mind it also takes a lot longer. The Kodama train stops at every bullet train station, so if you buy a regular fare unreserved seat (¥10,360) and take the Nozomi, you'll get to Nagoya in about 100 minutes. The Platt ticket would cost you ¥8,100 and take about 170 minutes.

    So save either $23 or 70 minutes - your choice.
  • Great I think since the trip to Suzuka circuit is already long enough, taking the Nozomi is good suggestion.
    One more question, can I use the Tokyo wide pass to get on the monorail from Haneda airport to Hamamatsucho station in Tokyo?
  • As it says in the link I provided:

    Unlimited use of the following non-JR trains (local, rapid, express and limited express):
    Tokyo Monorail to Haneda Airport
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