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Travel in Japan for 10 days

hello,can anyone suggest me how to use my JR Pass 7 days if my travel period is around 10 days.Did JR Pass is usable for local subway and train? Basically, the place that I plan to go is around Kansai and Kanto region. Do I still need to buy another pass to travel on these 2 region that can save my money?


  • You don't give enough info. Are you returning to Tokyo?
    Either way, a 7 day pass does not pay off. But if you go round trip, with just a bit more like a side trip outside Tokyo or Kansai, you can get your money's worth.
    Within Tokyo & Osaka, you can use JR for the loop lines which gets you to several but perhaps not all your destinations. You can't use the pass on city subways, but they are not expensive. For Kyoto you can take JR trains to the Arashiyama area and down the Nara Line to several temples and of course Nara, which should not be missed.

    You can see previews of some of the best places to see on:
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