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21 Day pass worth it?

I will be in Japan for 3 weeks and I am wondering if the 21 day pass is worth the price tag. My trip will span from August 27 until September 16th. Here is a list of the trips I will make once in japan.

Day one landing in Kansai International Airport and traveling to Osaka where I have hotel.

Second day trip to Hiroshima / Miyajima

3rd day trip to Nara

4th day Kobe

5th day going to kyoto

6th day still in kyoto

7th still kyoto

8th day going to Tokyo from kyoto

9th and 10th days I will be taking a tour to climb mt fuji by bus

11th day i want to explore tokyo

12th day trip to yokohama

13th day asakusa area

14th day Kawagoe area

15th day Izu Peninsula shirahama beach area

16th day Mitaka / Akihabara area

17th day Local tokyo area

18th day Boso Peninsula area

the last days i will stay local in tokyo or find another day trip I am still unsure. But my flight will be from Haneda airport when i leave japan. So my question is would the 21 day pass pay for itself with all my traveling? Also if anyone has any suggestions on day trips with the jr pass to help make it more worth while. Or any concerns with my current Itinerary. I have never been to Japan so any help is appreciated thank you.


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