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34 days Itinerary opinions and Jr pass

Hello, everyone. Hope you are doing great.

We are going to be in Japan for about a month.

Our itinerary will be.

day 1-6 Tokyo with a day trip to Kamakura

Day 7 Nikko (overnight there)

Day 8 at the afternoon from Nikko to Hakone

Day 9 From Hakone to Kawaguchiko

Day 10 Kawaguchiko

Day 11 From lake Kawaguchiko we want to travel to Matsumoto and late in the afternoon to Nagano (sleep there)

Day 12 From Nagano to Yamanouchi (monkey park) and later to Kanazawa

Day 13 Kanazawa

Day 14 Kanazawa - Shirakawago - Takayama

Day 15 Takayama

Day 16 Takayama to Magome

Day 17 From Magome to Nagoya and from there to Himeji (sleep there)

Day 18 From Himeji to Hiroshima (sleep there)

Day 19 Hiroshima to Miyajima (sleep there)

Day 20 Hiroshima to Fukuoka

Day 21 Day trip to Nagasaki

Day 22 Fukuoka to Kurokawa onsen and overnight there

Day 23 From Fukuoka to Osaka and (sleep there)

Day 24-30 Kyoto with a daytrip to Nara and an overnight to Mount Koya

Day 31 Maybe Kumano and overnight there

Day 32 Ise

Day 33 Back to Tokyo

Day 34 Departure.

We have booked most accommodations but most of them have flexible cancellation policy so we can make small changes. What's your opinion?
Is there a big "foul" to our itinerary?

Also, is it worth it to get a 14 days pass from Day 11 to Day 24?

We will be in Japan from 26 October to 28 November.

Thank you very much


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