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spending tons of money for 28 days of green car!:)

I will be in Japan for 32 days.I have been agonizing over whether to go from 21 days and add another week ,as I will be doing a number of long distance rides including to Takayama from Kyoto, local from Kyoto to Nara/Uji and Wazuka ... etc and using local busses. I will let people know here if it was worth it when I return. I see one direction from Takayama to Kyoto was going to be $100 so just one round trip there will cost $200. But even shorter rides will not be cheap like from Osaka airport to Kyoto and back when I leave(I wont be able to use the pass both ways as I will only have 28 days of rail use)..I have been on the shinkansens before and I really prefer the comfort and service of the green car. Plus I can guarantee my sea as it is by reservation I did not want to risk not getting a seat since it will be high tourist season with cherry blossom/sakura watching .There is some risk if you get the regular pass and I may do a trip to Tokyo fo ra meetup, from Kyoto so again a costly trip.. Never mind if I wish to go back to Otaru , Hokkaido LOL


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