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Bullet Train Station Names in Kyoto, Nagoya, Hakone, and Tokyo


What are the names of bullet stations in Kyoto, Nagoya, Hakone, and Tokyo, so I can get the direction from those stations to my hotels ?

Also, what are the best transport options from those train stations to the nearby hotels ?




  • Hi,
    A lot depends on which bullet train you are riding - the Kodama train stops at every bullet train station, while the Hikari, Nozomi, and Sakura trains stop at only major stations. Nevertheless, there are not that many stations. For Nagoya, there is just Nagoya, for Kyoto, just Kyoto, and for Tokyo there is Tokyo Stn, Shinagawa, and Ueno - although for the places you mention, the stops without transferring would be Shinagawa and Tokyo.

    Hakone has no bullet train access. You can take the bullet train to Odawara or Mishima Stn, and then take a bus or train to wherever your final destination is.

    As for where to go from those shinkansen stations, it all depends on where your hotel is of course.
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    Hello Michael.

    Public transport in Japan is very reliable and ideally you'd always want to stay at a convenient distance from the nearest station.

    However, if we acknowledge that navigating the system isn't for everyone, there's always alternatives like taxis for you to get to your hotel.
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