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JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass


Can anyone help to confirm and verify whether I can still use JR Sanyo Sanin Area pass for Tokaido-Sanyo line (ShinOsaka⇔Kobe)?

I read from http://www.westjr.co.jp link that Bullet Train "TOKAIDO SHINKANSEN" (Shin-Osaka⇔Tokyo) cannot be used with JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass.

Yet I read another site that states this pass does cover the Tokaido Shinkansen.

Which site is correct?

Thank you


  • Hi,
    JR West is the official rail company handling the Sanyo line, and their info is correct. For JR West, you can use bullet trains (if the pass allows it) from Shin-Osaka southward. You can still use the pass to go to Kyoto, but not by shinkansen.
    For more detailed info, please refer to
  • Hi Tenjin,

    Thank you for replying.

    I read from the link you have shared, under validity point 2:

    "Unlimited use of the Sanyo Shinkansen (including Nozomi and Mizuho) between Shin-Osaka and Fukuoka's Hakata Station. However, the Tokaido Shinkansen between Kyoto and Osaka is not covered."

    Can I verify the last part of point 2 above, Tokaido Shinkansen is not covered between Kyoto and Osaka, is it only this section Tokaido Shinkansen not covered? But I am taking Tokaido-Sanyo line between Shin Osaka and Kobe, is it covered?

    Appreciate your assistance.
  • I thought I was being pretty clear - with the Sanyo Sanin Area Pass, you cannot take the bullet train between Osaka and Kyoto. From Shin-Osaka southward (including to Shin-Kobe and beyond to Fukuoka), the bullet train is covered.
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