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Travel Plan Recommendation Tokyo-Mt Fuji-Osaka

Hi. I'm travelling with my wife and 2 kids (6 and 9 yrs). We're going to Tokyo but would like to slot in USJ and Mt Fuji. We have 6 days full days. Can someone advice which travel pass to get that will allow us some savings? Also whether it's advisable to put up a night in Osaka and Fuji or is a day trip sufficient? We do not want to rush it.


  • Your whole itinerary is not clear. Are you leaving Japan from Osaka? If so, no rail pass can help you with such a short itinerary.
    Six days is really not enough time to try and see all you have planned. If you still want to go to the Fuji 5 Lakes, it will take you 3½ hours to get from there to Osaka.
    For directions, please read
    but reverse the process.
    The cheapest way from Tokyo to the Fuji 5 Lakes is by highway bus from Shinjuku.
  • I arrive and depart from Tokyo with 6 full days in between. My kids want to do Disney and/or USJ and we want to also see Mt Fuji. Yeah, we don't have many days to spare so trying to make the most without cramping so many things in and not spend so much time on the road travelling. So many must-sees in Japan. Just want to balance the activities with some fun kids stuff like the theme park and also sight seeing. Thanks!

  • You'd be close to making a 7 day pass pay off by going as far as you can to the Mt Fuji area with it (up to Otsuki). From there you need to pay for the Fujiden train the rest of the way...and then after seeing the Mt Fuji area, taking the bus and then catching the bullet train to Osaka as explained above.
    A day trip to Osaka after seeing Mt Fuji is simply impossible though.
    You'll need to stay overnight, in fact 2 or 3 nights there would be better.
    I understand you want to see USJ, though if you skipped Kyoto & Nara in the region it would be a tragedy. Nara you could compress into half a day by just seeing Nara Park. Your kids will likely enjoy feeding the deer, and seeing the Todaji Temple will leave you awestruck.

    Tokyo has more than the Disney Parks as well. The Skytree has a fantastic view, and the biggest new attraction is the TeamLab Borderless Museum. There is nothing else like it.
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