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JR Pass Expiration

Hi there, does anyone know if I want to take the overnight train on the 7th day, departure time around 22:34 and arrive at the destination on next day morning around 7:00. (which is the 8th, alreayd past JR expiration day), can I do that?


  • Oh, forgot to metion I want to get the 7 day pass
  • As a technical point, for a train traveling past midnight, as long as you are on the train with a valid pass that expires at midnight, you can continue to ride until you get off or the train ends its run.
    But for overnight trains, the pass does not cover the compartments completely - you'd still need to pay some fee. If you choose to take the non-sleeper seats (nobi-nobi), the seats are covered but getting a reservation is often impossible - they sell out way in advance and you can't reserve one until you're in Japan.
    You didn't mention which train - there is the Sunrise Izumo and Seto.
  • Thanks for the advice. I will try to see if I can reserve my seat at my first day in Japan or I will adjust my plan accordingly. Not big deal. My only concern is if I can use it at midnight of the last day and arrive at the next day~
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